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8 May, 2017

Who will stop Macau’s casinos?

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Even in July, the Chinese enclave playgrounds marked an annual improvement of 20%.

The latest Macao casinos data came in July and, in a little while, we are faced with the double digit growth. The business volume was around $ 3.7 billion, an increase of up to 20% over the same month last year.

Analysts had predicted such growth, but it always comes up when they touch data with their hands.

All this while casual gamblers, the so-called middle class, grow at a much higher speed than the number of high rollers, who visit the only area of ​​China where gambling is lawful and gamble.

In Macau, as we have seen many times, high-rollers (here called ‘whales’) account for about 70% of gambling revenue, but the recent slowdown in growth in the Chinese economy has So that an increasing number of these wealthy customers decided to postpone some trip to Macau.

As a result, casinos of the Chinese enclave have begun to diversify their entertainment options in an attempt to attract more casual players, or in any case with lower budget availability than high rollers.

Galaxy Entertainment, for example, has built a beach in its resort, while MGM China has an indoor aquarium that has attracted several visitors from China.

In July, in addition, Venetian Macau (owned by Las Vegas Sands by Sheldon Adelson) organized a boxing match between Zou Shiming (two Olympic medals) and a famous Chinese amateur boxer.

In general, the Chinese enclave continues to grow at a monstrous pace: July data confirm Macau in its largest gambling pole position in the world.

Last year, for example, Macau generated a turnover of $ 38 billion, almost six times as much as it was recorded by Las Vegas and its 39.7 million tourists.

The story of Macau’s incredible growth is further underlined by the fact that the Las Vegas Strip in 2002 raised $ 5.3 billion, compared with 2.77 in Macau in 2007.

From that moment on, however, Macau’s casinos continued to grow exponentially, while Las Vegas stopped at a record high of 6.8 billion.

Where is Macao?

Perhaps not everyone knows that Macao is one of the special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China and is located on the west side of the Perle River delta. To the east, Macau has Hong Kong, while north and east it borders with Guandgong Province. To the south, however, Macau faces the South China Sea.

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